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All through the fall, we thought together about what we think should be a law. In 10 meetings across seven regions, you brainstormed 181 ideas for what RUN should fight for in 2020 to make sure all Californians have a safe, stable, affordable home. The Strategy Committee narrowed those ideas down to 13. You took a survey and ranked the ideas. Then, last week, senior RUN leaders and a few newbies chose three* priorities for 2020.

Attendees at the 2019 RUN Summit 

Drumroll, please…

  • AB 1279: California is a proudly diverse state, and all our neighborhoods should reflect that – even the suburbs. This bill would help build affordable homes in areas that have historically refused to do so.
  • Flexible Fund for Homelessness: We are asking the Governor to include $1.5 billion in his budget for people who are homeless and people who need emergency funds to stay in their homes.
  • SB 282: This bill would fund housing for people on parole who struggle with mental health issues. We got halfway there with this bill last year, and we have another chance in 2020.

*One more idea came up in every single convening and was in the top three priorities in the survey: ensuring that rent increases don’t make affordable housing unaffordable to current residents. Some of our partners are looking into a solution that would work for both residents and developers. Housing California has committed to help with that research. It may take some time, but we’ll keep you updated!  

What’s next

It’s time to do some research. In January, RUN members will meet with legislators to gather intel on our bills – what might help them pass this year, what concerns they might have, and who our allies might be. Those meetings are called Research Actions. Check in with your Regional Organizing Coordinator to help plan or attend yours.

Then, in February, we’ll have our next round of regional convenings to launch our campaigns and learn how to talk about our bills.  

Then, in March, we’ll show our power at Lobby Day!


Photos from the Summit

Inland Empire leaders

Leaders from the Bay Area

Summit participants role playing research actions

Verna did the robot and we celebrated her birthday!


So many good things to come in 2020. Have a joyful and restful holiday season,



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