Dear RUN,

This week is your last chance to register for Lobby Days, coming right up on March 16, 17, and 18. That’s because you must attend a training to join us at legislator visits, and this week is the last week of trainings.

  • Last-call training for RUN members in English: tomorrow, Tuesday 3/2, from 1-2:30pm
  • Last-call training for RUN members in Spanish: Wednesday 3/3 from 10-11:30am
  • Training for allies, including staff in the affordable housing industry: Thursday 3/4 from 10-11:30am

If you’re a resident of affordable housing, have lived experience with homelessness, or your housing situation is challenging right now, you’re a RUN member. If you’re a homeowner or a staff member at an affordable housing organization or another nonprofit, join us for the ally training on Thursday.

How do you get a link to these trainings? Register for Lobby Days!

Did you attend a RUN training in February but need a refresher? You’re welcome to come to Tuesday’s training in English or Wednesday’s training in Spanish.

Want a chance to practice or get your questions answered? Join us for a very casual Community Care call at 1pm on Wednesday (which will this week take place in English without Spanish interpretation).

In the midst of all this exciting Lobby Days preparation, we are thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of the RUN team, Robert Villagomez! Robert will join us on March 12, so he’ll be with us for Lobby Days, and he’s excited to meet you. Based in Los Angeles, he previously organized tenants in New York City and provided services for unhoused folks in LA (and he’s a Sagittarius).


You’ll get a chance to welcome Robert at Lobby Days and set up a time to talk with him even more!


Take good care,



Connect with RUN

  • Are you already trained? We’ll have a casual Community Care call this Wednesday at our regular time, 1pm, just for Q and A and practice for Lobby Days. Here’s the link.
  • Our last-call training for RUN members in English will be March 2 at 1pm. Register for Lobby Days to get that link. This training will NOT have Spanish interpretation.
  • Our last-call training in Spanish will be March 3 at 10am. Register for Lobby Days to get that link. This training will NOT have English interpretation.
  • Our ally training for staff, homeowners, and other allies will be March 4 at 10am. This training will be in English without Spanish interpretation. Register for Lobby Days to get that link!

News you can use

  • Check it out: RUN members Willie Stevens and Zella Knight were on TV! They were featured on Friday on KPIX in the Bay Area. Watch them speak about why RUN exists, homelessness in California, and the Roadmap Home 2030 - and give them a big virtual high-five when you see them next!

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