Dear RUN,

In one month, it’s all happening. We’ll put on our light blue RUN t-shirts, add a fancy RUN background to our Zoom screens, and rally together for 2021 Lobby Days - all from our couches. Then we’ll meet with dozens of legislators, also from home, to make sure that even if we can’t be in the Capitol, they don’t forget that Californians need safe, stable, affordable homes, and they need them now.

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To make sure we’re all on the same page, everyone at Lobby Days will get trained first. If you’re a RUN member and you’re most comfortable in English, you’ve got two more trainings to attend - one tomorrow at 1pm, which will focus on our policy priorities, and another next week 2/24 to practice putting it all together. These trainings will be entirely in English without Spanish interpretation.

If you or your people are most comfortable in Spanish, you can come to our Spanish-language training this Thursday 2/18 from 9am to 10:15. This training will be entirely in Spanish without English interpretation.

How do you get the links to these trainings? You have to register for Lobby Days first. Then you’ll get an email with those training links. And to get the links for Lobby Days, you MUST attend the trainings.

A reminder: you do not need to donate any money to attend Lobby Days, which are virtual and FREE.

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If you’re a homeowner or a staff member at a housing nonprofit, you do not need to attend the February trainings. You should register at the same link, and then we’ll send you more information about our “ally” training on March 4, which is the only training you’ll need to attend.

Register today here, and we’ll be thrilled to see you at a training soon.


Take good care,



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  • We will NOT have a regular Community Care call this Wednesday at 1pm. Instead, we’ll hold the second of three trainings for RUN members for Lobby Day in English at that time, on a different Zoom link. To get the link to that training, please register for Lobby Day. We will have Training #3 for RUN members in English next week (2/24) and then we’ll return to regular Community Care calls on March 3. These trainings will NOT have Spanish interpretation.
  • Our Spanish-language training will be this Thursday, Feb. 18 at 10am; to get the link, please register for Lobby Day.

News you can use

  • Check out Housing California’s op-ed about the Roadmap Home 2030 in CalMatters, published last week.
  • Big LGBT housing news from the federal office of Housing and Urban Development: “For the first time ever, it will be illegal to turn away people looking to rent an apartment or buy a house simply because they are queer.”

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