Dear RUN,

Have you taken a minute to really enjoy the celebrations from this weekend? Check out videos from San Diego, Orange County, Fresno, Oakland and more Oakland, and a lot of happiness in LA.

BIG news from last week’s California elections:

  • Katie Melendez, who you might remember from RUN San Diego, won a seat on the Vista City Council! Katie was active with RUN in 2018 and 2019 - can you believe she’s making decisions for the city now? 
  • Carroll Fife, who spearheaded Moms 4 Housing, won a seat on the Oakland City Council.
  • Measure J in Los Angeles, which would require LA County to set aside 10 percent of its budget for housing, mental health services, and other community investments, passed by a lot. That’s hundreds of millions of dollars that cannot by law go to prisons or law enforcement but instead goes to what communities have asked for.
  • Prop 15, which would require corporations to pay their fair share in taxes, has not been called yet, but at 52 percent no, it’s likely a loss. We’ll let you know if that changes.
  • Rent control lost statewide and in Burbank and Sacramento.

Maybe you’re feeling a little calmer today. Maybe you’re starting to feel a little space open up in your mind and heart. Maybe the future feels a little more possible today.

Let’s take those feelings and RUN with them. We can take inspiration from the beautiful Black-led organizing in Georgia, the prospect of real help from the federal government on COVID and on housing, and our own strong communities and make 2021 the year we get everyone in California housed. Join us Wednesday at 1pm on our Community Care call to talk about how.

And in the meantime, take the RUN There Ought To Be A Law Survey and send it around to everyone else you know who lives in affordable housing - or who would like to! That survey will help all the leaders heading to the Summit figure out what we should fight for.


Take good care,



Connect with RUN

  • We’d love to see you on the Wednesday Community Care call, where we’ll celebrate (like we did last week a little), debrief, and think ahead. Here’s the Zoom link, or you can call in at 669 900 6833, Meeting ID 963 6157 2844.

News you can use

  • Want a preview of 227 policies President-elect Biden could do on his first day, including a lot related to housing and homelessness? Check out this list.

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