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California ballots were mailed last week, so if you’re registered to vote, your ballot should be appearing in the mail soon! (Look for an envelope with pink on it.) If you’re eligible to vote but yet not registered, you have one more week and you can do it online - tell your friends and family, too. Already registered? Sign up to track your ballot and make sure it’s counted.

There’s no question that Election Day will have an impact on housing in California. (Check out Housing California’s ballot guide as you vote - we say YES on 15, 16, and 21, among others!)

In particular, Prop 15, also known as Schools and Communities First, would ensure that corporations pay their fair share to support local schools, parks, and, yes, affordable housing. Prop 15 would create a fairer tax system, reinvesting up to $12 billion every year - money California badly needs during this recession. But Prop 15’s opponents have a lot of money, and they’re spending tens of millions to mislead voters.

Y’all know Dolores Tejada, right? Dolores is the RUN organizer in the East Bay, working alongside Willie and Daphine and Irma and Jerome and Anne and so many more of you.

Join Dolores at a Yes on 15 phone bank this week alongside our friends at PICO, no matter where in the state you live - and help California voters get real information about Yes on 15! Click here to join today’s training that begins at 5:30 pm or click here to attend the training on October 26. You’ll get trained and get support all the way through.


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Connect with RUN

  • We have three big regional convenings this week where you’ll get the chance to share your ideas for what should be a law in 2021. Join us and tell your friends!

Sacramento and the Central Valley: Thursday, October 15 at 3:30pm. Register here.      

Orange County (in Spanish - any Spanish speakers may join from outside of Orange County): Friday, October 16 at 8am. Register here.

Bay Area: Friday, October 16 at 11am. Register here.

  • Join us at the virtual RUN Summit, December 3 and 4, 2020. Apply here through October 28. Who should go to the Summit? 1. People who attend the regional convenings. 2. People who have attended a Summit in the past. 3. People who have been to our Community Care calls. Not sure if that’s you? Ask your organizer or email us back.
  • A reminder: from September 30 - October 14, we will NOT have Community Care calls. That means NO Community Care Call this week. Please attend your regional convening instead, and we’ll see you back NEXT WEEK on October 21.



News you can use

  • Congratulations to Moms 4 Housing and our friends at the Oakland Community Land Trust, who bought the vacant property that the moms had occupied last year. Now, it has to get renovated, and then it will be a permanent place for the moms.
  • Here’s a long, worthwhile read on the impact of the pandemic on unhoused people in California.

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