Dear RUN,

This week kicks off RUN’s big brainstorm, “There Ought To Be A Law,” happening at five regional convenings between tomorrow and October 16. We’ll get to know each other, think about what happened in 2020, and get our ideas out in small groups. There will be music - Central Valley has a fire playlist, I hear - and there might be an inflatable dinosaur. All of it will be online, so anyone with a phone, a tablet, or a computer who can get online with us can join.

This process is one big way that people who live in affordable housing and people who have experienced homelessness can make their voices heard in Sacramento.

We’re also announcing the official RUN Summit 2020, happening December 3 and 4 (times to be announced later). After we brainstorm through There Ought To Be A Law, we’ll have a big list of all of your ideas that we’ll have to narrow down. We’ll do that with a survey - keep an eye out for that in late October - and also in discussions at the Summit, which will be like a mini-conference.

Usually, the Summit takes place at a retreat center with some justice-minded nuns in the Bay Area, but this year it will be virtual. Will we do Zumba at the virtual Summit like we did in person last year? You never know. You can apply here. Applications close October 28.

Who should go to the Summit? 1. People who attend the regional convenings. 2. People who have attended a Summit in the past. 3. People who have been to our Community Care calls. Not sure if that’s you? Ask your organizer or email us back.


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Connect with RUN

  • Join us at a regional convening!

San Diego is tomorrow: Tuesday, September 29 at 1pm. Register here.

Los Angeles: Friday, October 2 at 1pm. Register here.

Sacramento and the Central Valley: Thursday, October 15 at 3:30pm. Register here.      

Orange County (in Spanish - any Spanish speakers may join from outside of Orange County): Friday, October 16 at 8am. Register here.

Bay Area: Friday, October 16 at 11am. Register here.

  • A reminder: from September 30 - October 14, we will NOT have Community Care calls. That means NO Community Care Call this week. Please attend your regional convening instead, and we’ll see you back on October 21.

News you can use

  • In Philadelphia last week, 50 unhoused people won their fight to live in vacant properties that the city owned, sort of like Moms 4 Housing Philly, but bigger. The houses, which would have been auctioned off or sold, will instead be turned over to a community land trust after a six-month direct action campaign.
  • Did you miss Housing California’s 2020 Ballot Guide? Check out recommendations for how to vote on propositions all the way down your ballot.

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