Dear RUN,

After a week of the Housing California virtual un-conference and a week to recover, we’re back. In the next month, we’ll get a chance in the coming weeks to look back on the very strange 2020 legislative session, reflect about what we really want for California, and start thinking about how to make big change next year. Oh, and there’s an election coming.

First, lots of news: the eviction protections we pushed for in AB 1436 got turned into another bill, AB 3088. Renters do have new rights as a result, though they are confusing, and they are not as strong as in AB 1436. What’s not included in the bill: any money for affordable housing developers, who are worried about being able to keep the lights on. We’ll talk more about these in our Community Care call on Wednesday.

Second, big shout out to Maria Hernandez, one of the original RUN leaders from San Diego, for the fire she brought to the RUN panel at the Housing California virtual un-conference, along with Alexandra Alvarado, Gloria Bruce, and Tom Collishaw. If you missed it, you can watch the panel here.

Finally, it’s almost time for There Ought To Be A Law, RUN’s annual across-the-state brainstorm sessions for how to get a safe, affordable roof over everyone’s head in California. This year, we’re doing the meetings online, and you’re invited. It’s a chance to check out RUN if you’re brand new, invite your friends, and see everyone you miss from RUN meetings past. San Diego, you can register here for your event, which will happen on Tuesday, September 29 at 1pm. Los Angeles, Orange County, Bay Area, Sacramento, and Central Valley, watch this space for your registration links. And look out for our special meeting entirely in Spanish coming soon, too.


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Connect with RUN

  • This Wednesday, we return for another Community Care call. Here’s the video chat link. Just have a phone? You can call 669 900 6833, meeting ID 969 2059 4050. // Este miércoles, les invitamos otra vez a nuestra llamada comunitaria. Aqui esta el enlace de video, y se puede unir por teléfono marcando 669 900 6833, codigo 969 2059 4050.

News you can use

  • Did you hear that we have a national eviction moratorium now? It’s true. Through the end of the year, no one can be evicted for not paying rent due to COVID-19. Our statewide eviction protections last longer and are more complicated, even though eviction courts are now open again.
  • En español, se puede leer más de las protecciones nuevas para inquilinos en California.

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