Dear RUN,

We have two weeks to stop pandemic evictions in California, and if we work together, it’s within our reach. The Senate Judiciary Committee meets tomorrow about AB 1436, and it’s a huge opportunity for us to make our presence known. Take all that frustration you feel from the heat wave and the weird world we’re living in and channel it into two actions.

Action #1 happens today, before the Senate Judiciary hearing tomorrow. Call these three senators and urge them to vote for AB 1436 in the hearing tomorrow. Then ask your family to call, too.

  • Sen. Umberg 916-651-4034 (Senate Judiciary Committee)
  • Sen. Stern 916-651-4027 (Senate Judiciary Committee)
  • Sen. Monning 916-651-4017 (Senate Judiciary Committee)

Then, call your own state senator. Not sure who that is? Type your address in here.

Action #2 happens tomorrow, when we call in to the Senate Judiciary hearing itself.

Here is the number to call tomorrow: 844-291-6364, participant access code 6328686.

The hearing starts at 9am, and our bill is first in line. Block off your calendar if you can, because when you call in, they’ll give you a number and have you wait to speak. Then, when they call your number, you can speak. (More information here.)

All you have to say is this: “My name is _________ and I’m with the Residents United Network. I live in ____________ and I support AB 1436. Thank you.”

Do you have RUN friends who you haven’t heard from in awhile? Text or call them and ask them to call in today and tomorrow, too. This is our biggest push of the year, because millions of California renters are at risk of eviction.


Take good care,



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  • Coming right up is the Housing California virtual “un-conference” from August 31 to September 4, and you’re invited! Check out the list of speakers, which now includes Governor Newsom, here. RUN leaders can join for free by registering here!
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La llamada que se lleva a cabo los miércoles ahora es en inglés y español a la 1pm. ¡Invite a sus amigos! Este es el enlace de video, y puede conectarse por teléfono marcando 669 900 6833, código 963 6157 2844.


News you can use

  • Sacramento County could have been like LA, where rents are dropping a little, and used its CARES Act money for rent relief. But instead, 70 percent of that money went to the sheriff.
  • Here’s a national view of what’s coming if we don’t prevent evictions now: possibly the worst housing crisis in American history.

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