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By August 31, we’ll know: will California pass laws to make sure that renters stay protected from eviction during the pandemic? We’ve got a few more weeks until that date, the end of the 2020 legislative session, to make sure our representatives vote yes on AB 1436, which would make sure that no one can be evicted because of COVID.

Keep calling your state senator (find yours here) to show your support before the bill is likely heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on August 18. Watch this space for email alerts about more actions to take coming soon.

And let’s hope we’re celebrating on August 31 as we kick off Housing California’s first-ever “un-conference.” It’ll be all online, so you can join us from your couch.

Check out the schedule here and look out for even more speakers as we add them. RUN leaders can join for free by registering here!


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News you can use

  • Last week, leaders of the state Senate and Assembly asked the Judicial Council for more time to pass laws related to eviction, because they’re worried about the short amount of time left in the legislative session. So are we.
  • You might have heard that the President is seeking to halt evictions, too. But the executive order he proposed only asks the Department of Health and Human Services to “consider” a moratorium, and it would only be for a small number of tenants, so the executive order has no teeth.

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