Dear RUN, 

Last August, we were starting to plan ten regional convenings to brainstorm what we thought should be a law in 2020. Now, it’s hard to know what’s coming in two weeks, much less in six months! 

Here’s what we know: RUN will remain virtual through the end of 2020, and likely into 2021 as well. With that knowledge, we can jump into building our movement by connecting online. We’ll still hold “There Ought To Be A Law” meetings this year, where you can share your thoughts about how to end homelessness and increase the amount of affordable housing in California. We’ll still come up with a giant list and narrow it down based on what you care most about. We’ll still bring together senior leaders for a summit to finalize those ideas in December. 

This time, we’ll do it knowing that everything could change, just like it did this year. The good thing is that we stay connected through weekly Community Care calls, emails like this one, and tons of regional conversations like the one that San Diego RUN members held last week. Whatever the news - about pandemics, elections, evictions, or maybe even something good? - we’ll stay flexible and keep fighting for all our neighbors to have a safe place to live. 

This week on our Community Care call, we’ll walk through a few propositions on the California ballot so that we can bring RUN’s recommendations to Housing California. Don’t miss the conversation at 1pm on Wednesday!


Take good care,



Connect with RUN

Our regular Wednesday calls are now accessible in both English and Spanish at the same time. Invite your friends! Here’s the video chat link. Just have a phone? You can call 669 900 6833, meeting ID 963 6157 2844.

La llamada que se lleva a cabo los miércoles ahora es en inglés y español a la 1pm. ¡Invite a sus amigos! Este es el enlace de video, y puede conectarse por teléfono marcando 669 900 6833, código 963 6157 2844.

Have you registered for the upcoming Housing California “un-conference” coming up August 31 - Sept. 4? It’s free for RUN leaders. Register here by clicking the “pay by credit” button. (You won’t have to pay.)


News you can use

  • Confused about whether the Governor’s extended eviction moratorium, announced Friday, will help you? (Hint: it probably will not, because it doesn’t do much.) Read a good explanation here.
  • John Lewis left us a letter before he died. Reading it gave me renewed courage, and maybe it’ll give you some, too.

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