Housing California Conference Update


Dear Colleagues, Partners, and Friends, 

The moment is now to think, act, and do business differently! I ask you to:

Pause… take a deep breath in and a complete breath out.

Reflect inward on what you value most and what you can do to not only promote wellness for you, your family, your employees, but also for the people we serve who continue to struggle the most, our communities at-large, in California, and beyond.

Connect with your compassion, humanity and your community in ways that feel safe and also promote community cohesion, solidarity, and hope.

With your health and safety as our top priorities, we at Housing California have decided to reschedule our annual conference. This decision follows newly released guidance from the California Department of Public Health encouraging the postponement of gatherings numbering more than 250 people. We are rescheduling the conference for this summer. Please stay tuned - dates and details coming soon. 

For now, we are holding off on processing cancellations until we have new dates, which will give you the option of keeping your registration for the summer dates or cancelling. We appreciate your patience and support during this unprecedented time.  

As always, we aim to serve as a resource for our attendees and constituents. Thus, we are sharing a few helpful resources below about COVID-19 and housing/homelessness:

We all know that poll after poll shows housing affordability and homelessness are the top priority of Californians, and people experiencing homelessness cannot wait for help--they need it now. That’s why our work in the meantime will continue on projects like the recently announced Roadmap HOME--working together with experts to form a comprehensive framework of evidence-based solutions to addressing these issues. We invite you to join us in this conversation, and we are eager to work with you collectively  to create our California with homes and justice for all. 

We thank you for your ongoing support. As allies in the broader effort to promote healthy, connected, thriving communities, we are all in this together.  

In Solidarity, Gratitude, and Grace,

Lisa Hershey

Executive Director


Housing California
1107 9th Street, Suite 560  | Sacramento, California 95814
916-447-0503 | staff@housingca.org

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